Get Organised in 2017 – The Best Daily Planner Ever!



How does the thought of being organised in every area of your life during 2017 sound to you?


It’s not everyday that I, as a homemaker, come across a tool so helpful and so practical, that I literally can hardly wait to share it with you!

I have been using Sue Hooley’s Daily Planner since 2014, and I honestly can’t ever see myself living without one of these again.

The older our five children get, I find the busier I am! Can anyone relate?

Which means that investing once a year in a reasonably priced, yet priceless tool to stay organised, on track, and focused is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! My Daily Planner has become an inseparable part of my life!  

I wouldn’t know where to begin in sharing about all the great features that will help you in life, but since you’re twisting my arm, I’ll do my best 😉

First of all, the layout and pictures are so beautiful and feminine, filled with encouraging quotes, and a verse from the book of Proverbs to ponder on for every week. Such a precious touch and simply gorgeous to look at (and if you’re like me, you will be looking at it a lot!!

Beautiful Characteristics of the 2017 Daily Planner

The planner is divided beautifully into a number of handy sections, each having a stick-out tab of its own so they can be easily turned to.

The first section is a yearly calendar – with an extra page to write in annual events to remember.

The monthly section lays out each month in full form, so that you can easily glance at what will be happening over the next several months. I always joke that with each baby I lose 25% of my memory, and since I have five you can do the math and imagine how often I’ve referred back to this tangible reminder of what’s coming up! 🙂 get-organised-in-2017-the-best-daily-planner-ever

The weekly section is the one that you will use most often. Each week starts out with a ‘Tasks for this week” space, which you can use to jot down tasks that need to be done such as phone calls, appointments to schedule, etc. This space is usually filled out fast as I empty out my brain and see the things that would have otherwise cluttered my thoughts, in black on white on the page. A lifesaver!

The weekly section also lays out plenty of room to write down everything that is happening each day, and even includes place to write your planned menu! get-organised-in-2017-the-best-daily-planner-ever

Next are the Tasks List pages which are untitled, allowing you the freedom to create monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal lists. get-organised-in-2017-the-best-daily-planner-ever

The Projects section is for occasions that need more space for writing. If you are planning a party or a family gathering, for example, you will be able to keep that information in your planner and have it handy for quick reference. Super helpful!


There is a section for phone numbers and addresses needed temporarily, to save the time of looking up the phone number again. I can’t tell you how often I use this get-organised-in-2017-the-best-daily-planner-ever

And last but certainly not least, the empty shopping lists space at the end of the planner enable you to simply tear them out on the perforated lines as you run into town to do your groceries.


With a myriad of extras to make this planner even more user-friendly, this will likely be the best planner you have had so far…

Sue Hooley, the genius developer of this planner, couldn’t have put it better when she says, “It will be a friend that helps you remember and you will be rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction when even the simplest jobs have been completed.” I have found her words to ring true!

Get organised in 2017 – The best daily planner ever will become a companion you simply will not want to live without!

2017 Daily Planner GIVEAWAY!!

I am delighted to be offering one of Women Abiding’s beloved readers the chance to win one of these invaluable Daily Planners for 2017!

If you don’t want to wait, and would like to purchase one for yourself, know that in the event that you win the giveaway, your winning copy will be posted to a friend of your choice, and your money will be refunded!!

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Being There: How To Love Those Who Are Hurting

I hesitate in how to begin telling you about an excellent book I have just read. Not because it is difficult to write about its moving, practical, and hard-to-put-down content, but rather because it is about a subject that we don’t like to talk, think about, or face. Yet so many countless do. It’s the subject of helping the hurting – the suffering – those dealing with physical and emotional pain.

Now before you run the other way, as my tendency would be when hearing about a subject that I’d prefer to avoid, I want you to know, that by the grace of God, I am not currently experiencing suffering, nor am I in the process of caring for someone who is. And that is why I was absolutely amazed at how this book touched me, and how I learned infinitely more than I ever thought I would – about people, about being there, about myself.


Grieving Your Loss in Another’s Pain

From the very first chapter, you will be pierced. Challenged to look at how you have sacrificed and had to give up on so much for the sake of others. This is primarily guided towards those living with and/or caring for the hurting, but do you know what?! I found myself grieving as I read Dave Furman’s words. Grieving at the sacrifices I hadn’t even realized I was making in living in a marriage with a man who is so different from myself. And my husband would no doubt agree that he has had to make many painful sacrifices to live with a woman his opposite, and a great sinner to boot! So while this first chapter would be invaluable to those caring for the hurting, it will affect any reader deeply. Just this chapter alone was worth the price of the book!

Being There: How To Love Those Who Are Hurting

This book is beautifully and clearly written from beginning to end. It has the feel of the author speaking to you personally and directly, yet after each stint of reading, as I did, I believe you will feel as though you just put down a stunning devotional teaching. So gently does it weave the Lord’s truths into the way we are to treat one another, serve one another, befriend one another, pray for one another, and share with one another, that it fills the heart with hope and understanding of God’s very ways. And if knowing how to “be there” isn’t enough, Furman also has an excellent chapter on what not to do! Wow! Good stuff…

Being There: How to Love Those Who are Hurting GIVEAWAY!!! Click To Tweet

Support, Encouragement, and Wisdom

Writing out of his own experience of needing care on a daily basis, Dave Furman offers support, encouragement, and wisdom for those called to care for others in need. Whether they are suffering from sickness, disability, depression, or grief, he equips us to effectively care for the hurting and points us to the strength that God provides.

Being There: Dave and Gloria Furman from Crossway on Vimeo.

Yes, this is a book for many out there who know the pain of suffering themselves… and who have and continue to care for those who hurt, but my heart is to tell you that no matter where the Lord has you in your life at this very moment in time, Being There: How to Love Those Who are Hurting is a book that will be a treasure in your hands and on your shelf! One that I believe every believer should read, since each of us lives in a world where we will one day, in some way, be affected, and/or have the opportunity to care for those who are suffering.

I will be referring to this book often in the months and years to come. Because “Being There” for one another is at the core of our faith, at the root of Jesus’ teaching, and is the lifeblood of each and every relationship that He brings into our lives.

You Could Win One of 3 Copies of Being There!

Incidentally, Dave Furman is the husband of author Gloria Furman whom you may remember from a recent giveaway on the blog – Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God

I am absolutely delighted and honoured that the publisher of Being There: How to Love Those Who are HurtingCrossway, have most generously offered to give away 3 copies of Dave’s book to three precious Women Abiding readers!

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 Can’t wait to get your hands on Being There?

Purchase as a gift for yourself and a friend 🙂


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A Meaningful Activity To Do With Your Teen Daughter

There are few gifts as sweet as little girls. In her frilly frock with her first locks tied up in a pretty bow, boasting a toothless smile, a baby girl can cause even the hardest of hearts to melt…

And just like all the wonders that God created, our little girls grow, and mature, and develop. Unfortunately in our fallen world, there are issues that seem to grow with them and make a much more prominent appearance during their teen years; temptations, obsession with their outer appearance, the need to feel loved and accepted, and the need to sleep, to name but a few.


In the midst of this concoction of emotion and struggle, as parents, we need to be strong faithful anchors, a voice of encouragement in despair, a source of unconditional love, and givers of much wisdom and guidance. It is during this time of their lives where all of our investment into our daughters pays off, and where we may see sweet fruit of years of hard labour.

Last night, my husband and I took our daughter, Aviel, out on a surprise outing. It was such a blessing to each of us, that I wanted to share the idea with you as a meaningful activity to do with your teen daughter. We had on our hearts to spoil her as a small token of our appreciation to her for all the many ways in which our soon-to-be 15 year old serves our family. But we also used the opportunity to focus on a quality that we pray she would thrive in: Purity.

The Meaningful Choice of A Purity Ring

During the first part of our evening we went shopping for a Purity Ring. This is any ring that our daughter, Aviel, could wear as a reminder to live a pure life before a holy God. What we didn’t anticipate was how significant it was that she got to choose her own ring. Firstly, it wasn’t the one I would have chosen for her, and she will be much more keen to wear a ring that she chose for herself. Secondly, after we bought it, she shared with me why she wanted this ring, in particular.


She said it reminds her that Jesus is the centre of and the beauty in her heart, and that just as the zirconia shines, He is what she wants people to see shining out of her. Wow! So precious….

The Meaningful Significance of Purity

We kept her ring in the box it came in, and moved to the second part of our plan. We went out for a dessert at a restaurant that we knew our daughter would love.

As we walked in and after she ooo’d and aaa’d, she spotted a piano in the corner of the restaurant and asked our waitress for permission to play it. Her playing filled the place with so much peace. It was beautiful. This was a blessing we could not have foreseen.


We ordered our treats, and then read some notes we had made (mostly compiled from the internet) on purity. I, for one, learned so much, and Aviel was listening intently.

I am offering a free PDF of our notes which you may choose to use, in order to save you the hassle of doing the work yourself, but as a short summary we shared that:

  • Purity is a heart choice that affects all of life, not just abstinence. Purity needs to stem from a heart that desires to honor and obey God in every area of life.
  • Purity is not a one-time choice, it is also a daily decision.
  • Purity is ultimately her decision. We, as parents have given our daughter a piece of jewelry; but she has to choose to be pure.
  • Purity has to start in the small areas. The girl who wears the ring should work hard at keeping her mind and heart pure.
  • The way she will treat her purity is a direct display of her personal relationship with God and her respect of Him.

We also shared some relevant verses with Aviel which we encouraged her to memorize and hide in her heart for when she faces temptation of any kind (also in the PDF provided).


The Meaningful Gesture of Making it Official

We thought that our daughter could handle making her commitment a little more formal and intentional, so we had printed this Vow of Purity certificate on to some thicker paper, and presented it to her:


As we handed her the purity ring, she read the certificate carefully, signed it, and handed it to each of us to sign as witnesses. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful this was. It was almost as though it sealed her desire to be pure, and set it in motion.

Of course, time will tell. Neither the certificate, nor the ring guarantees that she will remain pure in body, mind, and heart. But it is definitely a step in the right direction, and a document that she can look back on, to remind her of the commitment she made, and to keep heading on the narrow path.

The Meaningful Blessing of Special Treats

The last part of the evening was a special treat that we had planned as the cherry on top of our time with Aviel. She has always longed to go to a ballet and since there was a single showing by the Royal New Zealand Ballet of Giselle, we bought some tickets and surprised her. She was beaming! I’m talking radiant light shining out of her big, brown eyes! It was all she had ever imagined it would be…

You know, my friend, sometimes we can be so focused on training our girls, on disciplining our girls, and correcting our girls, that far too long of a period can pass without us treating our girls! Making memories with each one truly is a meaningful blessing, and will only bear good fruit in our relationships.

The Meaningful Response

On our way home, our daughter could not stop thanking us, acknowledging the sacrifice we made financially and time-wise in planning the evening and spoiling her. She also told us that she can’t imagine there being better parents than us on the whole earth, and that she feels so blessed and privileged to have us as her mother and father.

I don’t say this to boast in our parenting (because she obviously temporarily forgot the myriad of mistakes we make with her!), but I wanted to share this to emphasize that the fruit of this meaningful activity that expressed our love, seriousness about her faith and purity, and our desire to bless her, resulted in a reciprocal heart of grace and kindness.

A Warning

Please don’t misread these words and think that our evening was perfect, and that yours wouldn’t match up! Part way through the evening we received a text inviting Aviel to a teen camp that both my husband and I were against her attending. And as we discussed it, there were tears and I feared our evening would be ruined. But as God always does, He takes our feeble efforts and redeems them, turning them into eternal gold!

So, no matter where you are in your relationship with your teen girl, I encourage you to plan a special evening to share about purity, or something meaningful that can assist your daughter to grow in her faith, sprinkle it with some treats and affection, and ask God to graciously accomplish His holy purposes through it.

I’d love to hear how it went!!

What would your daughter enjoy doing that you can use as a springboard to spending a meaningful evening with her? What Godly quality would you emphasize that would set her up for living for the Lord to a greater degree?

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