Two Basic Actions to Take When You’re Overwhelmed

Have you ever met someone who absolutely loves going to funerals? Well, now you have! I’m guilty as charged. There is just something about looking back over a person’s life, scanning the breadth and depth of it, and discovering it’s highs and lows that is simply so… real. When I witness the celebration of someone’s existence after they’ve passed away, I always feel a new sense of purpose, of right priorities and of the desire to live the one chance I’ve been given on this earth to the glory of God!


Well, last week I had the privilege of attending the funeral of a 93 year old lady. So much was said about her that even though I didn’t know her very well, I grasped a good idea of what she was like. Some expressed wonderful memories of a meaningful legacy that she had left behind. Others shared that she had wounded them along the way, and that she wasn’t always the most patient and gracious of ladies.

As I wandered around among the attendees after the official ceremony had come to an end, I mingled with a group of her relatives whom I knew well. I expressed my sincere condolences, and asked how they were doing with the passing of their family member? The conversation naturally flowed to her last weeks and days, and how there was a real emotional healing that took place because she had softened so much as she neared her death.

One of the sweet ladies shared something which I thought was profound. She said that in her last days, all the elderly sister could do to survive was to breathe and focus on Jesus.


Focus on Jesus.


Focus on Jesus. 

I thought of my own life, and our lives as wives, mothers, homemakers, or whichever stage in which we find ourselves. Our days can get so busy, so hectic, super stressful. Our trials can seem so difficult, insurmountable, and all-consuming.

Sometimes, all you and I would do well to do, to get through our days is to…

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He is the One that sustains our lives. The One who allows all things for our good and His glory. The One who is our hope in times of helplessness, our light through tunnels of darkness, and the joy of our hearts in the midst of despair. He is our Lord and Saviour.

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May you focus on the eternal One with whom you will indeed spend the next trillion years, and then some (if you know Him and have been forgiven by Him).

May your mind, heart, and soul dwell on the God who holds you together (Colossians 1:17).

Because really, if at your funeral people are describing your last days as “breathing and focusing on Jesus” you can rest assured that you’ve finished well.

What do you need to start implementing in your life today that will ensure you ‘finish well?’

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