Having The Talk: Biblical Sex Education Training For Parents

When I was thirteen and a half I woke up one morning, bleeding! I jumped out of bed, heart pounding, convinced I was dying. My pyjama pants and bedsheets stained, I ran to my mother, voice shaking and tears flowing, and shouted, “Mom, I’m bleeding… call an ambulance!”

My mother looked at me kindly, smiled, and calmly replied, “I’ve been waiting for this day, and I’m all prepared. Come with me.”


She led me to her room, reached up to the very back of her top shelf and pulled out a package. She opened it, and handed me what she called “a pad.”

And that, my friend, was my first introduction to any inkling about a woman’s reproductive system, and sex. Not that my mother told me, but I asked around after that strange incident and got the gist of it.



Now, take into consideration that that was 30 years ago [ahem]! Nowadays I’m pretty sure it’s unheard of to be kept in the dark about these matters, until the ripe old age of thirteen and a half. If your child goes to school, or has any access to a computer, it is 100% likely that they will be introduced to the subject of sex years from very distasteful sources, with very disturbing attitudes and information.

Fast forward a few decades, and I now have children of my own who need to be introduced to everything from periods to the dangers of porn, from making commitments to making love. When my daughter turned 10, I endeavoured not to make the same mistake my mother had made with me in this area. I wanted to present the facts of life to her before she experienced them for herself or heard them from others.


Sharing About Sex With Children

So, I went to our local library and looked for some books that would help to educate my precious one who was blooming into womanhood before my very eyes. To my horror, the information and recommendations in these secular books was absolutely shocking!

While some of them portrayed the biological details correctly, they recommended entering into sexual relations with partners from as early as 12 years of age! I kid you not! They encouraged children to explore which gender they’d like to be. They presented an array of contraceptives and laid out where teens could obtain them for free. These worldly authors actually propagated sex outside of marriage, and earlier rather than later!

I could hardly believe my eyes!

I landed up taking out about 5 select library books, and carefully bookmarked one or two pages in each which I could intentionally flip to during my explanation attempts.

But really, I felt lost, and awkward, and fumbled (even though I tried to sound confident, knowledgeable, and loving). Let’s just say, I was glad that part of parenting was over – for a couple of years, until our next child, at least :-).

I wondered why there weren’t any helpful resources for parents that would help them to walk through this experience, ones that could equip moms and dads with know-how and sensitively advise them about when, where and how to confront this issue with their children. Anything that would answer the many questions I had in how to go about it all!

Having The Talk: Biblical Sex Education Training For Parents

Because of my difficult introduction into understanding the reproductive system and the design behind making babies, when I came across a course titled “Having the Talk,” I thanked God that finally someone was bold enough to share wisdom and shed light on how to communicate these sensitive and important matters with our children!

Luke and Trish Gilkerson have done nothing short of an excellent job presenting an online course that does so much more than just help parents to convey the facts of life.

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As a parent, you will equip become your child’s educator and trusted source of information about sex. Which is the way it should be! If you lay a good foundation in this area, the years to come will be a lot easier to navigate.

having -the-talk-biblical-sex-educaition-training-parents

You see, my friend…

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You can sign up for the FREE 3-part mini-series to get just a small taste of it’s value:



You and I don’t need to fumble through red-faced and scatterbrained through “the talk.” It’s a new day in history and we can be trained and equipped to share these God ordained, God created, and God initiated truths with our children using God’s book as our guide! I’m in! Are you?

Do you have any advice regarding sharing on this subject with children? What do you feel you need help with before you have The Talk?

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