The Most Common Lie Women Believe About Their Purpose


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For Such a Time as This…” How many of us have found ourselves uplifted and encouraged time and again after hearing this inspiring phrase shared during a retelling of Esther from the Bible?

The Biblical account of Esther is an epic and momentous story in Israel’s history; a true “Cinderella-like” narrative of an orphan girl who wins the ultimate beauty pageant. Chosen from among many women to be the wife of King Artaxerxes, she was to become the queen of the Persian Empire.

While Esther lives in the lap of luxury, things begin to look more like a nightmare than a dream for her people, the Jews. Hmmm… Maybe this “rags to riches” story wasn’t simply all about giving an “underdog” a “happy ending” after all. Maybe God had a bigger plan for her life than merely elevating her status in order to make her more comfortable in life.


Esther’s rise to royalty really did have a greater purpose in God’s grand plan. Esther would ultimately be in a place to help save the lives of the Jewish nation, whose very existence was threatened by an edict conspired by one of the King’s wicked and conniving officials.

The decision, though, to speak up on their behalf wasn’t an easy one for Esther to make. By exposing her true heritage (as a Jewess herself), she was most certainly putting her life in danger.

So she had a choice to make. She could either stay silent and remain “safe” (as an unknown Jewess in the palace) away from the danger that threatened her people. Or she could risk her life by going before the king and exposing her true heritage to plead on behalf of her people. Wow, now that’s a real nail biter, if you ask me!

What We Think About Our Purpose

In reading accounts like this in the Bible, we often find such inspiration. And yet, I wonder how often we really stop to consider that these historic accounts are truly examples for our own lives?

What if they’re more about God using the places He’s taking us in life and the circumstances in which He’s placed us, to mightily impact the lives of others? “For such a time as this!” (Esther 4:14)

“Yes,” we think to ourselves, “I will one day make a difference that touches the lives of others – somewhere in the ever-looming future. Maybe I’ll write a book or speak somewhere where lots of people are blessed and encouraged. Maybe I’ll be chosen for a special award and be able to give God the glory for it in public.” Oh, we dream. We imagine. The possibilities are exciting and endless.

But consider this…

What if God isn’t waiting for some future grandiose moment in our lives to use us? Click To Tweet

 The Most Common Lie Women Believe About Their Purpose

What if we don’t need a public platform or a title that grants us official permission to do something of importance that affects the lives of many people? What if He wants to use you now? In your everyday living! What if God simply wants to use your life in a powerful way to affect the lives of those around you today?!

What if the relationships you have, the words you speak, and the actions you’re taking now have the potential to greatly affect the lives of others?

Perhaps, your “Esther experience” simply means getting before God and asking Him to open your eyes to the opportunities in front of you in this moment? To open your mouth and let Him fill it with words that will encourage others to draw closer to Him.

What if it means stepping out of the “safety” of being considered a sweet and kind person, and actually being bold and fearless to point others to the One who lives in you; who has made all of the difference in your life?

Oh, like Esther, the temptation to hide and blend in can be an easy one to consider. You may feel like sharing your faith and being open about Jesus is “social suicide” these days in a society that so often seems opposed to His name.

But remember this; like Esther…

The connections you have, have been ultimately given to you for just such a time as this! Click To Tweet

For this time in history.

For this moment.

Among the people you have the opportunity to influence.

For Such A Time As This

Just as Esther was in a position to be used by God in that specific moment in history, you too, my friend, have a role to play as this very point in time. In your everyday life. Through everyday opportunities. Among the people who are in your current realm of influence.

Yes, as a daughter of God, you are Esther now. Be encouraged to go before God and ask Him to use you so that through the strength and power of your Lord, you can go forth and accomplish His grand purposes for our life that will beautifully impact the lives of others both now and for eternity.

Yes… For such a time as this were you created…and your time is now.

Faye Adams

Faye Adams

Faye, a stay at home mom and online ESL teacher, is the Co-author of, a blog to encourage women in the important roles God has given them. Faye's greatest desires in life are to please the Lord, point others to Him, bring honor to His name, and be a blessing to all He places in her path. You can read more from Faye by checking out her blog at
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