Fun Version :-)

Following is an informal way for you to get to know the face behind Women Abiding.

It was fun (but hard work) compiling these 101 random morsels about my life (in no particular order):

  1. I change country every 18 years of my life.
  2. I wash my hair every other day.
  3. I love chocolate.
  4. I got my driving license at the ripe old age of 31 (when I was 9 months pregnant!).
  5. My desire is to write books.
  6. I work my best under pressure.
  7. I try to do the “important” before it becomes “urgent.”
  8. My name means “praise and glory” in Hebrew.
  9. I have two sisters, one in Heaven, and one on Earth.
  10. I have forgotten how to ride a bicycle (so much for the ol’ saying).
  11. I got married at the age of 26.
  12. I went to a Discipleship Training School with Y.W.A.M. in Scotland.
  13. I have visited/lived on four continents.
  14. I am a Messianic Jew (a Jew who believes that Jesus is the Messiah).
  15. I love nature.
  16. My worst colour is purple (Yes, I realize that I am wearing purple in my photo on my About page! Don’t ask me how that happened :-))
  17. I have no desire to ever own a pet.
  18. I cry in most movies.
  19. I am known by many to be able to track/find/locate pretty much anything from homes to husbands for people.
  20. Since I was 5, I longed to be a secretary.
  21. I love touch-typing.
  22. I grew up in South Africa between the ages of 2 to 17.
  23. I love going to movies by myself.
  24. I’m a talker (but am slowly mastering the art of listening, too).
  25. I do well with change.
  26. I don’t mind washing dishes (by hand).
  27. I truly enjoy hanging laundry, the old fashioned way.
  28. I’m a night person.
  29. I can’t fall asleep in winter without a hot water bottle at my feet.
  30. I almost never buy myself any clothes.
  31. If I do buy myself clothes, it’s only from thrift stores.
  32. I *love* going to garage sales (with a passion :-))
  33. One of my favourite living preachers is Steve Lawson.
  34. I am constantly conscious of my weight.
  35. My husband and I both have brown eyes, but 3 out of 4 of our children have blue eyes!
  36. I don’t have a T.V.
  37. I love doing stuff on the computer.
  38. I really appreciate having friends who are alot older than I am and gleaning from their wisdom.
  39. I don’t collect anything (yet).
  40. I have kept a journal, on and off, since I was 10 years old.
  41. I suffer in the heat.
  42. I don’t drink coffee.
  43. My maiden name started with a “Z” and I really didn’t like always being last in line.
  44. I am 5 feet “tall” (Dynamite comes in small packages!).
  45. I can’t swim.
  46. I send my children to swimming lessons, so that in the event that I fall into a deep body of water, they will be able to save me!
  47. I enjoy hiking.
  48. After my first date with my husband, I didn’t talk to him for four years!
  49. I drink raw milk.
  50. I was saved during the Gulf War at the age of 18 in Israel.
  51. I was engaged to someone else before I met my husband.
  52. I am usually the one behind the camera, so don’t have many photos of myself.
  53. The sermon that has most affected my life in the past years is The Use of Your Time by Steve Lawson.
  54. I love popcorn.
  55. I enjoy being a woman.
  56. One of my favourite activities is to listen to a good sermon on the internet.
  57. I love going on dates with my husband.
  58. I would still like to have more children.
  59. I was stung by a jellyfish once.
  60. I don’t like talking on Skype unless I’m expecting the call.
  61. I’m crazy about the Scottish accent.
  62. I enjoy researching stuff.
  63. I love reading books, but don’t have as much time as I’d like, to do it.
  64. It’s thrilling for me to take my children out on dates, one at a time.
  65. My primary love language is quality time.
  66. My dream is to stop eating sweet things.
  67. I’d rather do almost anything on Earth than exercise.
  68. I exercise with the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home program (incredibly doable – even for me!).
  69. I speak English, Hebrew, and Afrikaans in a Hebrew accent.
  70. I went to Italy for my honeymoon.
  71. I was born in 1973 (O.K. go ahead and work it out….)
  72. Only 30 more to go on this list…yay!!!
  73. I homeschool our sweet children.
  74. I love reading through Study Bibles.
  75. I’m crazy about the song, There is a Day. Seriously, I want it sung at my funeral!
  76. All my children’s names have meanings.
  77. I am Israeli.
  78. I live in New Zealand.
  79. I only have one uncle.
  80. I have delivered all of our four children by c-sections.
  81. I used to be alot more bubbly than I am now (still have a long way to go to being mellow though!).
  82. I have been writing a family newsletter once a month since 2005.
  83. Blue cheese in salad… yummmm.
  84. I am the worst sinner I know.
  85. I try to drink 8 glasses of water every day (but seldomly reach my goal).
  86. I became an orphan in July, 2012.
  87. I never tire of watching The Sound of Music.
  88. With every birth, my brain has become more frizzled.
  89. I love laughing.
  90. I love people who laugh.
  91. I actually love people. Period.
  92. My greatest prayer for my children is that they be saved.
  93. I was baptised in the Mediteranean Sea in Israel.
  94. I grew up regularly attending a Reform Synagogue.
  95. I have taught Hebrew to many a humble student.
  96. I did a graphic design course 11 years ago and never got to use what I learned.
  97. Nothing in God’s Kingdom is wasted, so I know it benefitted me somehow.
  98. My husband and I both got chickenpox at the same time when I was 34 years old (I can think of more romantic things to do together :-)).
  99. Almost there….
  100. If God hadn’t saved me, I would have either been a drug addict, a prostitute, or dead!
  101. I want to glorify Him with every iota of my being all the days of my life, and for all eternity!!! He is WORTHY!

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