A Critical Point to Consider About Your Busyness (Simplify Life Series – Part 3)

In continuation to the Simplify Life Series, I am delighted to host Kris Baines, a dear friend of our family, who has incredible wisdom on the subject. Read more about Kris in his biography below. I know you will treasure his profound insights as I do!


Contrary to what many of us may think at times – if being busy is something that is hindering our spiritual progress, and crowding out the important with the urgent – the remedy to this, is not being “un-busy“.

Being busy in and of itself, is not wrong, in fact it is essential we are busy in life. However, what matters most of all, is what we are busy with

God intended our lives to be full of activity, productivity, and creativity. Click To Tweet

But there’s a massive difference between a life given to those things for selfish gain, and a life given to those things, for God’s glory.

When we get so busy that our spiritual priorites take a back seat in our lives, then we know that our priorities are in need of a re-shuffle. Some of us may even be too busy with “spiritual” activities, because they are over and above that which God has called us to give our time to.

God gives us His grace to get His will done,

not to help us get our will done.

A Critical Point to Consider About Your Busyness

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Consider this – Jesus had a ministry on earth that lasted just over 3 years. If it was up to me (which it isn’t!) I would have maximised His potential, and given Jesus a long life, to get more done! However, God’s ways are above my ways (thankfully), and though Christ’s life was seemingly cut short, He cried those words from the cross, “It is finished!”

So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.

John 19:30

His life on earth wasn’t necessarily the most efficient use of a life, in worldly wisdom, but in God’s wisdom it was the most effective life ever lived!

For thought, prayer and application

Take a moment to pause, and evaluate the activity in your life, from week to week.

  • Is it busy, but fruitful and manageable?
  • Is it busy, but unproductive and unmanageable?
  • Is it crazy-busy, and you are holding on by a finger nail?

Take some time to think and pray, asking the Lord, “Am I being effective in the things You have called me to? Please show me where I am busy in the wrong things, and show me how to be busy in the right things. Please help me to have a mindset that doesn’t want to just do as much as I can for you, but to do what you have asked me to do – Amen”.

What can you change in your life that will include activities which will be eternally effective? 

Kris Baines

Kris Baines

Kris is the founding pastor-elder at RedemptionChurch.org.nz, and in addition to his responsibilities and privileges as a husband and home-educating father, runs Eternal Purpose Ministries (psalmtwelveone.org.nz), hosts the ENGAGE Family Discipleship & Home Education Conferences, teaches at Bibles Schools and churches when invited, and composes music from home (www.krisbaines.com).
Kris Baines

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    12 Responses to A Critical Point to Consider About Your Busyness (Simplify Life Series – Part 3)

    1. Fiona Cleary says:

      Thanks for this wisdom Kris. It’s sometimes so difficult to discern the busyness that matters:)

    2. Lesley says:

      So true- there is a big difference between being busy with what God has called us to and being busy trying to do it all in our own strength.

    3. “there’s a massive difference between a life given to those things for selfish gain, and a life given to those things, for God’s glory.” <– LOVE THIS! We hear so much about being too busy (and most of it is justified) but how great that you pointed out the crucial difference… Is it "me-centered" or "God-centered!"

    4. Deborah says:

      Your post reminded me of something by Dallas Willard that I read a couple of years ago. My take away was, “There is nothing wrong with busyness. It is a by-product of life. However, when we let busyness migrate into our soul where it hampers our time and relationship with God, we have a problem!” This thought has helped me so much since coming across it. Thank you for the 3 great questions to help me self-check on the difference.

      • womenabiding says:

        Amazing quote, Deborah! Appreciate your sharing that, and it truly does complement all that Kris so wisely said in this post… God bless you, precious sister xoxo

    5. What a great message. In our get ahead culture we need to be praying about this on a regular basis! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger’s Pit Stop! Roseann from http://www.thisautoimmunelife.com

    6. Really appreciate your 3 questions! We can’t get away from busy, and God intended for us not to be idle. Anything that helps me do busy better and honor God in the process is a win!

    7. Wow, talking of busy, from reading his bio, Kris sounds busy! But I’m sure it sounds like it’s fruitful and productive. Me? I strive for the former and sometimes err into the 2nd category. thanks so much for sharing with #sharethejoylinky

    8. Jill says:

      Such truth here to remind us that busy should be fruitful, productive, but manageable. I’m on a similar theme with a blog series too about our holiday wellness habits. Glad to have stopped by from #ChasingCommunity today!

    9. Amanda says:

      What a brilliant reminder, thank you for sharing it! I find that I get super sick and am forced to rest and focus on God more when I allow the general busyness (or busyness connected to a cause *I* feel passionate about, but is perhaps not what God needs me to be focusing so much attention on) to take over my life too much. If I don’t listen to the hints to re-evaluate regularly, my body burns out and then I have no choice but to re-evaluate! So this all definitely rings true for me. Thanks for linking up at #sharethejoylinky

    10. Jann Olson says:

      Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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