The Most Common Lie Women Believe About Their Purpose


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For Such a Time as This…” How many of us have found ourselves uplifted and encouraged time and again after hearing this inspiring phrase shared during a retelling of Esther from the Bible?

The Biblical account of Esther is an epic and momentous story in Israel’s history; a true “Cinderella-like” narrative of an orphan girl who wins the ultimate beauty pageant. Chosen from among many women to be the wife of King Artaxerxes, she was to become the queen of the Persian Empire.

While Esther lives in the lap of luxury, things begin to look more like a nightmare than a dream for her people, the Jews. Hmmm… Maybe this “rags to riches” story wasn’t simply all about giving an “underdog” a “happy ending” after all. Maybe God had a bigger plan for her life than merely elevating her status in order to make her more comfortable in life.


Esther’s rise to royalty really did have a greater purpose in God’s grand plan. Esther would ultimately be in a place to help save the lives of the Jewish nation, whose very existence was threatened by an edict conspired by one of the King’s wicked and conniving officials.

The decision, though, to speak up on their behalf wasn’t an easy one for Esther to make. By exposing her true heritage (as a Jewess herself), she was most certainly putting her life in danger.

So she had a choice to make. She could either stay silent and remain “safe” (as an unknown Jewess in the palace) away from the danger that threatened her people. Or she could risk her life by going before the king and exposing her true heritage to plead on behalf of her people. Wow, now that’s a real nail biter, if you ask me!

What We Think About Our Purpose

In reading accounts like this in the Bible, we often find such inspiration. And yet, I wonder how often we really stop to consider that these historic accounts are truly examples for our own lives?

What if they’re more about God using the places He’s taking us in life and the circumstances in which He’s placed us, to mightily impact the lives of others? “For such a time as this!” (Esther 4:14)

“Yes,” we think to ourselves, “I will one day make a difference that touches the lives of others – somewhere in the ever-looming future. Maybe I’ll write a book or speak somewhere where lots of people are blessed and encouraged. Maybe I’ll be chosen for a special award and be able to give God the glory for it in public.” Oh, we dream. We imagine. The possibilities are exciting and endless.

But consider this…

What if God isn’t waiting for some future grandiose moment in our lives to use us? Click To Tweet

 The Most Common Lie Women Believe About Their Purpose

What if we don’t need a public platform or a title that grants us official permission to do something of importance that affects the lives of many people? What if He wants to use you now? In your everyday living! What if God simply wants to use your life in a powerful way to affect the lives of those around you today?!

What if the relationships you have, the words you speak, and the actions you’re taking now have the potential to greatly affect the lives of others?

Perhaps, your “Esther experience” simply means getting before God and asking Him to open your eyes to the opportunities in front of you in this moment? To open your mouth and let Him fill it with words that will encourage others to draw closer to Him.

What if it means stepping out of the “safety” of being considered a sweet and kind person, and actually being bold and fearless to point others to the One who lives in you; who has made all of the difference in your life?

Oh, like Esther, the temptation to hide and blend in can be an easy one to consider. You may feel like sharing your faith and being open about Jesus is “social suicide” these days in a society that so often seems opposed to His name.

But remember this; like Esther…

The connections you have, have been ultimately given to you for just such a time as this! Click To Tweet

For this time in history.

For this moment.

Among the people you have the opportunity to influence.

For Such A Time As This

Just as Esther was in a position to be used by God in that specific moment in history, you too, my friend, have a role to play as this very point in time. In your everyday life. Through everyday opportunities. Among the people who are in your current realm of influence.

Yes, as a daughter of God, you are Esther now. Be encouraged to go before God and ask Him to use you so that through the strength and power of your Lord, you can go forth and accomplish His grand purposes for our life that will beautifully impact the lives of others both now and for eternity.

Yes… For such a time as this were you created…and your time is now.

Faye Adams

Faye Adams

Faye, a stay at home mom and online ESL teacher, is the Co-author of, a blog to encourage women in the important roles God has given them. Faye's greatest desires in life are to please the Lord, point others to Him, bring honor to His name, and be a blessing to all He places in her path. You can read more from Faye by checking out her blog at
Faye Adams

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    Are you waiting for ‘someday?’ What is holding you back from walking out your purpose with all your might and God’s strength and direction now?

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    49 Responses to The Most Common Lie Women Believe About Their Purpose

    1. Edith says:

      Thank you for this needful reminder. While we can dream of an impressive future ministry, we should not neglect to serve God right where we are with the opportunities He brings our way and the resources He places in our hands, no matter how little. Reminds me of the scripture that instructs us not to neglect the days of little beginning. Thank you.

      • womenabiding says:

        I love that verse, Edith! So well said… Thank you for your beautiful words, sister! xoxo

        • Faye Adams says:

          Thank you, Edith, for sharing how the Lord encouraged you through the post. And, yes, the verse you shared reminding us not to despise the days of small beginnings is a wonderful one to remember. In fact, it’s one God has used to encourage me on various occasions as well; so, thanks for reminding us all of that one! You reminded us of a great nugget of truth to hold onto. 🙂

    2. Kristi McInerney says:

      Great Post, Faye!

    3. “You too, my friend, have a role to play as this very point in time. In your everyday life. Through everyday opportunities. Among the people who are in your current realm of influence.” WOW. This hit me so powerfully this morning because our family has just seen the TRUTH of it in our own lives with someone God used us to minister to when we really didn’t know we were doing it. Someone in our “current realm of influence.” While we were just living our everyday lives. Thank you for affirming and confirming the powerful reality of that possibility! Stopping by from Coffee & Conversation!

      • womenabiding says:

        Elizabeth! How encouraging and exciting to hear your testimony! It is exactly the proof in the pudding that this post is all about! So proud of you, and so blessed to hear of your example to us all. May God continue to use you mightily for His Kingdom! xoxo

      • Faye Adams says:

        Wow, I love hearing how God is confirming this in your life! What a beautiful thing also to see that the Lord is using you mightily just in your everyday experiences too. You are living out the Kingdom everyday…and it is evident. You are shining your light for Christ! So beautiful and so encouraging. Keep it up, Sister! Thank you for taking the time to share your testimonny and how the post touched you.

    4. Niki Hardy says:

      This is great. Thanks for sharing. It’s so easy to live in the future … when the kids are grown, when my circumstances change …but God wants to use every circumstance. Happily visiting from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s

      • womenabiding says:

        Yes! I find it’s often an excuse to be somewhat lazy or procrastinate – “In 20 years when the children move out” or “When we have enough money, I’ll give more…” or whatever… Really appreciate your thought, Niki! Blessings to you, sweet friend xoxo

      • Faye Adams says:

        Awesome comment, Niki! As a mom of a two and a half year old, myself, sometimes day can seem mundane, right? But it’s so encouraging to know that God wants to use us in the everyday…there are opportunities all around us…whether at the grocery store, with our neighbors, at the gym, among our friends…everywhere! As He opens our eyes and we step out in faith, knowing He can use us because He lives in us, we can accomplish great things for Him in just our daily living. Keep up the good work you’re doing, Mama! And know your life is such a blessing to your family and those around you because of the One who lives in you and works through you!

    5. Great encouragement to embrace our everyday moments with the same value as the big moments! God uses it all, and none of it is wasted!

    6. Yes, that distant time gets us. If only we woke up in the morning and looked around to see what we could do now. Made it daily!
      Great words of wisdom here!

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for sharing, Sarah. You are absolutely right. There are so many opportunities around us everyday. May the Lord of the Harvest send us out to be used by Him wherever are and wherever we go.

    7. This is so beautifully written. I have been thinking a lot about obedience in the moment recently, and actually just wrote a post about embracing our ministry in the moment. We have passions, gifts, and spheres of influence for a reason. NOW is the perfect time to embrace our ministry – even if it feels uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing this honestly. It’s a much-needed message!

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for sharing, Alison. How beautiful that the Lord would be confirming that word in your heart as well. I would love to read your post. Our weaknesses are a magnet for God’s power and strength. When we step out in faith and following His leading, regardless of how equipped we feel we are, it’s amazing what doors He’ll open and the work He is able to accomplish through us. Willing and obedient vessels is what He’s looking for.

    8. This is so good – You hit the nail on the head with this line right here: “What if God simply wants to use your life in a powerful way to affect the lives of those around you today?!” Being in full time ministry and a pastor, I often tell, you don’t have to have a formal ministry title, or position – just be you doing what God has called and gifted you to do in your circle of influence. Thanks for being my neighbor today at #IChooseJoy

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for your encouraging comment, Debbie, as well as for reiterating the truth that God wants to use us wherever we are. His Kingdom is within us! Let’s go share that Kingdom with those around us so they can get a taste of just how awesome our God is!

    9. Samantha says:

      As a homeschooling mom of 6, my ministry is my children. They are my purpose. I’m helping set up the next generation for success. I don’t think there is anything more powerful I can do than that, at least for now.

      • Faye Adams says:

        Right on, Mama! Yes, you are doing a tremendous work of ministry in your home among the growing people who see your life everyday. We are living epistles read by all; your life is most definitely a ministry in your home. May the Lord continue to strengthen and encourage you daily, as you see the fruit your prayers and your labor of love is producing day by day and year by year. Keep up the awesome ministry work to your family. That is exactly what my mother always said…It was God, then her husband, then her children. Her family was her ministry, she would say. Keep up the great work God is doing through you in their lives. You never know the impact they will one day have on others because you took the time to invest your life and pour yourself into them. And that’s exactly how I feel about my mom, who also homeschooled me from K-12 grades.

    10. Thanks for introducing us to a new friend — and for affirming us in our daily “do the next thing” mindset in following God.

    11. liz says:

      She who is faithful in the small things… We know how that ends. I find it so encouraging to maintain presence in what God has assigned me today while continuing to move toward what He has promised me – ultimately my place of prominence in His heavenly kingdom! Lovely words today! Blessings!

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you, Liz! Yes, beautifully said. Faithful in the little….Faithful in much. David was basically “unknown” while faithfully tending his sheep, but God knew exactly where to find him when His next season was to come. May the Lord continue to strengthen and use you everywhere you go as you continue to hold onto His promises for your life, knowing He Who promised is faithful and He will do it.

    12. Ruth Campos says:

      I think we don’t realize sometimes the power of our words, both spoken and written, to impact others for good or for evil.
      And words are something we speak on a daily basis.
      May our actions and words glorify our Lord and make the difference He wants them to make in those whose lives intersect with ours.

      • Faye Adams says:

        Absolutely, Ruth! What a great reminder! Yes, our words have the power of life and death. We can build up others or tear them down by the things we say. As Christians, especially, the words we have can greatly change the course of other’s lives because we hold the living Words of God that bring health and healing. It’s active and alive. Yes, may we awaken to the realization that we carry such power everywhere we go, simply because the Kingdom of God is within us and He has the ability to speak through us when we “open our mouths” and He fills them with the exact truth from His Word that others so need to hear.

    13. Gayl Wright says:

      “What if the relationships you have, the words you speak, and the actions you’re taking now have the potential to greatly affect the lives of others?” I’m convinced that this is true. We never know who may be watching or reading and how it will affect them. We aren’t all called to be famous, but we are called to be faithful and true, to follow where He leads and share His love. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #TellHisStory.

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for taking the time to comment, Gayl. Yes, it’s exciting to know that our Heavenly Father in interested in having His children represent Him before the world so that his name is made known and people are drawn to Him. It looks like you’re excited about that as well, and you are allowing Him to use your life and words to point others to Him wherever you go. That’s so awesome! May you have a blessed day! P.S. I liked your Facebook page, seeing you had a Facebook page for your writing. Keep up the great work the Lord has given you!

    14. Mary Hill says:

      What an important reminder about how God can use us now to fulfill His purposes. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this past week.

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for taking the time to comment, Mary! May the Lord continue to use you mightily everywhere your words reach or your feet carry you!

    15. Charlotte says:

      Wow, the time is now…not someday, but now in our families’ daily lives. Thank you for this. We do not know what effect we have on others.

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for taking the time to highlight a sentence that meant a lot to you, Charlotte. I pray the Lord continues to bless, encourage you, and use your life to make a beautiful impact in the lives of those you know and love.

    16. I truly believe that all people have the power over their own lives. I believe that if we learn to watch and listen to our lives, we can be guided to our path/purpose. I also believe that too often in society, as women, we’re expected to tamp down our own purpose for the sake of others (as you’ve mentioned), yet that actually only holds All of us back. 🙂

      • Faye Adams says:

        Hi, Kendall! Thank you for taking the time to comment. God has certainly given us a free will, so yes, we can make the choice to either follow God’s direction for our lives and His path of love or choose a path of selfishness. He wants to use our lives thourhg to make a positive impact in the lives of those we know. In the story of Esther, this young woman had a choice…self-preservation or risk her life to save the lives of her people living (in Babylon) who faced the threat of annihilation. She chose to be self-less and allowed God (who put her in that place of honor) to use her position as a place of even greater purpose than just one of luxury and comfort. While Esther was in a position of power as queen, each of us have been placed in positions in our community, in our families, in our workplace, in our country where we can allow God to use our lives for a greater purpose, sharing God’s love through our daily words and actions and pointing other to the One who loves them most. As Christians, our lives are to be respresentations of who Jesus is. That’s what Jesus came and did, as the Son of God, showing us what God was really like by the life He lived. And through faith in Jesus we have the opportunity as “Christ-ians” to point others to our good and loving Heavenly Father, by allowing Jesus to live His life through us by His Spirit and live the way he’s called us to live before the world. It’s exciting to know that God wants to use His children as ambassadors of His love in these last days. He loves people and He wants to use each of us as a blessing to those we know and care about. Thank you, again, Kendall! May the Lord bless you and your beautiful family.

    17. Carol says:

      Great perspective on the Bible account of Esther. Today, right where we are, is important! I will share this post.

    18. Awesome extraction from a book we easily overlook. Esther’s response is such an example. Thank you for the wisdom and challenging reminder to look around at the current “such a time as this!”

      • Faye Adams says:

        Thank you for your encouragement, Bethany! It always means so much when readers take the time to leave comments, and especially ones where the message resonates with them.

    19. Yes! For such a time as this! Being bold for Jesus can be scary, but just as you said, possible right here in each moment. The big platform isn’t needed. The right education. The right time in life. Simply sharing and obeying right where we are with exactly who God has placed in our paths.

      Thank you for sharing this hope with us at #MomentsofHope! What a blessing to meet you, Faye!

      Blessings and smiles,

    20. liz says:

      Once, when I was on the board for a women’s ministry, the president asked us all to read a book titled Becoming a Woman of Influence. For the first dozen or so pages, all I kept thinking was we already were. We are influencing every single person we come into contact with every day. We just need to be intentional about how we use that influence. Great post!

    21. What an encouraging post! I love the idea that God has called us to impact people NOW! So inspiring. I work in full-time ministry, but lately God’s been calling me to extend it a bit farther through tex tmessaging and phone calls with a few young women beyond our church walls.

    22. What a wonderful, inspiring post! We do need to ask the Lord to show us daily where opportunities exist and to give us the boldness to participate in the opportunity. Thanks for this thought-provoking well-written piece of encouragement! Blessings, Janet

    23. Joanne Viola says:

      Such a needed reminder. I think sometimes in waiting for the big moment, we can miss the moments in front of us now. What is it God is wanting me to do now, in this moment, in this place? I want to be ask myself this question every day this week and see where God directs. Thank you!

    24. Hi, I am your neighbour at Messy Marriage’s ‘From Messes To Messages’ on August 30, 2016…and I am a dude. Sorry. Am I allowed to be here?

      Hope so, because you’re spot on. Illness has cost me my career and all the influence I thought I would have, but I can still offer encouragement moment-by-moment, via the Internet (can’t really talk that well any more).

      And that is my true calling.

    25. Jann Olson says:

      I believe we have a purpose and things that occur in our ever day life help to fulfil our purpose for others as well as for ourselves. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    26. Patty says:

      You bring up a good point here! Thanks for sharing!

      God bless,

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