My Testimony – The Short Version :-) Even though I live in New Zealand, I can’t help, on this American day of Thanksgiving, to meditate on that for which I am most thankful.

At the top of every gratitude list I have, is this: The God of all Creation saving my life for eternity!

As I reminisce the countless blessings which He has bestowed upon me, I would like to share the greatest of all with you – my salvation testimony.

So, here goes:

I was born in Israel to a Jewish family. At the age of two, we moved to South Africa. I always believed in God, but felt that He was way up there in the sky, and with me being all the way down here on the earth, it was impossible to ever actually reach Him.

Fast forward – At the age of 17, my parents got divorced and my mother, two sisters, and I moved back to Israel, while my father remained in South Africa.

The adventure begins

A couple of weeks later, at a concert in Jerusalem, a stranger asked me whether I was a believer in Yeshua (Jesus). Shocked and horrified, I replied, “No, I’m Jewish and am forbidden to believe in that man!

When asked whether I was willing to receive literature regarding faith in Yeshua, for some reason unbeknownst to me, mustering up all courage, I responded positively.

As the books and workbooks arrived, I secretly read each one. The amazing part is that I instantly realized that what I was learning about was indeed the truth of God! I even felt angry at why no one had ever told me these facts before.

Eventually, I was sent a Bible. I opened the package at our local post office, and was stunned to realize that all that I had been reading was actually in this awesome book which I now beheld – the Holy Bible.

God was working overtime

It was around the same time that I noticed that my mother had been disappearing each Saturday afternoon. I finally asked her where she had been going. Her answer blew me away!

She shared that she had begun to believe in Yeshua as her Messiah, even though she had always forbidden us girls to believe in Him. She confessed that she had been attending a local congregation where other Jews who believed the same way were assembling.

Standing almost speechless before her, I pulled myself together, and confided that the literature that I had been receiving, and hiding, had indeed also been about Yeshua! We rejoiced, and I accompanied my mother to the fellowship the following meeting.

The final step

A couple of weeks went by. There was a lot to take in. Much to learn and understand. With the little that I had grasped, I decided to take the step that I knew God wanted me to take.

I finally understood what A.W. Tozer put so well;

Jesus is not one of many ways to approach God, nor is He the best of several ways; He is the only way.” (feel free to tweet that)

One night, as I lay in my bed, I  asked God to forgive me for all the sins that I had committed against Him. I told Him that I wanted to live for Him, and acknowledged that my desire was for Him to be the Lord of every area of my life forever.

The following morning, I awoke, and was surprised to immediately notice  a vast difference within myself. The best way I know to describe it, is that before I had a raging sea of hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger in my heart; now the sea was as calm, still, and peaceful as could be. I hardly recognized myself.

It took approximately a year and a half for God to take me through the process of forgiving others and changing many of my ways.

He is not finished with me yet, but I have never been the same since that night that I uttered my first prayer!

Within the two months following, both of my sisters became believers in Jesus, too!

I know that without the Lord’s mercy and kindness, I would be damned for eternity for my sins. As I mentioned in my About Me – Fun Version, I know for certain that today, without His divine intervention in my life, I would either be a drug addict, a prostitute, or dead (that part is not so fun!).

But because of His unending grace and love, I have abundant Life! It is well with my soul!

  • Have you repented of your sin, dear friend?
  • Do you know the assurance of God’s forgiveness, and His moment by moment personal workings in your life?
  • Please contact me if you would like to discuss the salvation plan of God for YOU. My heart awaits to hear from you.

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Tehila is an Israeli, God-loving, husband-serving, child-nurturing mom of five sweet little ones whom she homeschools. She resides in beautiful New Zealand from where she blogs at Women Abiding – Encouraging women to abide in God and His Word.

About womenabiding

Tehila is an Israeli, God-loving, husband-serving, child-nurturing mom of five sweet little ones whom she homeschools. She resides in beautiful New Zealand from where she blogs at Women Abiding – Encouraging women to abide in God and His Word.
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30 Responses to My Testimony – The Short Version :-)

  1. Wow, what an amazing testimony. And it’s amazing to see the dramatic change that has been brought into your life after coming to faith.

  2. Esther Stuart says:

    I hope you realise what a wonderful miracle it was when god saved your Mother and two sisters so soon after your own awakening…
    What a incredibly delightful Abba in heaven we have!
    Praise his wonderful name FOREVER!!!

  3. Judith says:

    This is a beautiful testimony. Thanks so much for taking the time to share it through your blog. I really appreciated your contribution to WholeHearted Home Wednesdays this week. What a wonderful story of your redemption!!

  4. Jeni says:

    What an amazing story of God’s work in your life! It reminds me of Acts 16:32 – how a whole family can come to know Jesus when the first person believes on him. Thanks for sharing his goodness!

  5. Mrs. White says:

    This is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing your testimony. It gives me hope that those in my own family will eventually come to the Lord.

    • womenabiding says:

      I am so thankful to God that he has given you hope through that which He has done in my life, and the lives of my family members. He IS able to save your family, every prayer you pray is being heard! May the Lord give you much patience and perseverance as you lean on Him and believe in His sovereignty.

  6. Liz Gregory says:

    Wonderful to hear of His mercy to sinners like us 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness! What an incredible story! God works in such amazing ways! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Found you through Casey!

    • womenabiding says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Elizabeth Ann! Yes, God does what only He can do… saving a life for all eternity! I am so thankful for the way He has worked in my life, and in the lives of all who know Him! God bless you today and always…

  8. Mia says:

    What an incredible testimony! It always brings so much joy to my heart when I hear of a Jewish family coming to our Lord Jesus and I know it brings incredible joy to His heart too! After all, you both are from the Jewish nation. Sort of family, don’t you think. Visiting via Jenn’s. I also live in South Africa.
    Have a blessed week

    • womenabiding says:

      Thanks so much Mia! It is really rare for Jewish people to come to recognise Yeshua as their Messiah, the true Saviour, so I feel even more thankful that the Lord opened my eyes! Loved reading your comment. You are a precious encourager (and you live in South Africa too, which gives you bonus points ;-)) God bless you my sister!

  9. Praise the Lord! His faithfulness called you and will keep you under His wing! Thank you for sharing this on my link-up this week!

  10. Jen says:

    I just love your testimony and how it is a great example of how God pursues us, how he loves us, how he chooses us and never let’s go! May the enemy be slain by the blood of the lamb & the power of these words, my friend as you continue to share them! ~ UNITED in Christ, Jen

  11. Hazel Moon says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony at “Tell Me a True Story.” God was gracious to shine in your heart first with the printed page, and then with a fellowship. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit was at work in your mothers heart as well and then in the hearts of your sisters.

  12. Beth says:

    I’m blown away by your testimony, sweet friend! And feel honored to have this cyber-connection with you! I feel, as one of God’s chosen people (so glad that He opened up that to the rest of us gentiles!), you are so very special to not only call Him your Savior but to be from His earthly bloodline. And I’m so glad you opened up your heart and mind to Him! That must have been a very hard thing to do, but I’m so glad you had the courage and faith to reach out anyway. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this amazing story and I will now read your blog with an Australian accent narrating in my head. 😉

    • womenabiding says:

      My beautiful Beth-friend! Thank you so much for your touching words and loving heart. My prayer is that my testimony would indeed bring great Glory to God, since it is His handiwork and faithfulness that led me to repentance and faith! With my love and care to you…

  13. Jelli says:

    Wow! What an interesting testimony! I can’t imagine what life is like in Israel, let alone for a Jew who chooses to convert to Christianity. So very very happy you chose this particular post to link up at the Mommy-Brain Mixer this past week. I will definitely be sharing it with my husband.

  14. Anita says:

    Hi Tehila,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful testimony – all glory to God.

  15. Amy Kelly says:

    This is one of the most beautiful testimonies I have ever read!! I thank you so much for sharing it!!! Praise God!!

  16. Natasha says:

    What a wonderful testimony! Glory and Praise to God!!! May you have a blessed week!!!

  17. Dear Tehila,

    Thank you for sharing you amazing testimony with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!
    God is SO very good! I am featuring your story as our devotion of the week at this week’s party! 🙂

  18. Petra says:

    Thank you for sharing your story – with a happy ending 😀 I am always praying for my husband’s family as there is a lot of love lost there towards us and they need God’s Word to realise how they should be living. Prayerful remembrances to you… 🙂

  19. Sylvia R says:

    Oh, I *love* this! Reading it gave me goosebumps and tears! What a beautiful story! So glad I got a chance to read it.

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