The Best Way To Spend Your Free Time

I was alone at home this morning.

My entire family went to our weekly congregation meeting, but being unwell, I couldn’t go this week. As soon as the house went from being chaotic with everyone frantically getting ready to leave, to quiet and still in an instant, I knew I was confronted with a decision.

It felt like a monumental decision.

The Dilemma of How To Spend Your Free Time

Do I do what I know I should do, or do I do what I actually want to do…?

In my case, what I knew I should do, was spend time with the Lord; worship, read and relish my Bible, and listen to an enriching sermon on the internet. These would be an investment I knew would greatly nourish my needy soul during the trying time I’m currently experiencing.

On the other hand, what I really wanted to do, was catch up on answering emails, write a blog post, prepare a wee eBook I’d been wanting to write, and a thousand little other things I have on my ever growing to-do list which I don’t often get around to to-doing :-).

I went back and forth, justifying in my mind the want to’s as opposed to the should do’s. Until at last I settled on doing what I should be doing. The struggle was great at first… I was spending time on something I wouldn’t see completed and activities that I wouldn’t be able to cross off on a physical list.


The Best Way To Spend Your Free Time

My friend, after simply worshipping along to three beautiful, God-glorifying, soul-challenging songs on Youtube, sharing with the Lord what I was going through, delving into God’s Word, and then listening further to His delightful principles through my favourite preacher on the internet, I felt as though the burdens of the world I had been carrying on my shoulders over the past weeks were lifted.

I realised that my very heart and soul soared with a joy I had not experienced since my miscarriage three weeks ago, and I humbly stood in awe and disbelief at my sinful thought that bypassing the treasure of spending time with the Mighty King of Kings would be a waste of my time.

It never is.

The rewards that dwelling in the Presence of God through His Word are far more satisfying, long-lasting, and precious than crossing off tens of items on any list. In fact, it is this very investment that rejuvenates your spirit, renews your mind, and elates your heart to continue walking on the often troublesome paths that we tackle in this world.

The Rewards of Choosing To Spend Your Free Time Wisely

Because really…

What we don't realize is that what we should be doing, is actually what our souls want most anyway Click To Tweet

Being Mary’s sitting at His feet, rather than active Martha’s running around them.

You see, dear one, as a true believer, the best thing you can do is to make the sacrifice of taking time to delight yourself in Him, seeking Him (Psalm 9:10), unloading your cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7), coming boldly before His Throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16), and just being rather than doing.

Would dwelling in God’s Holy Presence, casting all your anxieties on Him, because he cares for you, ever really be a waste of your time? (1 Peter 5:7)

May God grant you the passion and wisdom to be with Him at every opportunity!

And God is able to make all grace abound to you,

so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times,

you may abound in every good work.

2 Corinthians 9:8

What keeps you from spending time with God rather than hitting the floor running? 

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Tehila is an Israeli, God-loving, husband-serving, child-nurturing mom of five sweet little ones whom she homeschools. She resides in beautiful New Zealand from where she blogs at Women Abiding – Encouraging women to abide in God and His Word.

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Tehila is an Israeli, God-loving, husband-serving, child-nurturing mom of five sweet little ones whom she homeschools. She resides in beautiful New Zealand from where she blogs at Women Abiding – Encouraging women to abide in God and His Word.
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17 Responses to The Best Way To Spend Your Free Time

  1. Janis Cox says:

    I haven’t had a chance to visit in a long time. Love your contest. Just in time. Don’t have next year’s calendar yet. 🙂

    • womenabiding says:

      Soooo glad to see you hear again, Janis! You’re a blessing! Yes, it is the perfect time of year to stock up on calendars and you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful one than this! Hugs to you… xoxo

  2. Hi Tehila, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage — my heart goes out to you.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how we spend our time. I have to admit I’m often a Martha running here and there but God knows I need to slow down and spend those quiet moments with Him.
    The calendar is beautiful, by the way. What a fun way to get to know New Zealand.
    Wishing you Christmas blessings.

    Visiting from #MomentsofHope

  3. Gwyn Laybourn says:

    This calendar is just beautiful!

  4. Free time…what is that? Great post. Love the calendar give away too.

  5. Tara H says:

    Free time for me is very rare being a sole parent (with no father involved at all) who homeschools and works seasonally.
    I would love to know the answer as to how to get free time. (Admittedly, if I did ever get free time, I would probably spend it eating chocolate. Is that bad? lol )

    • womenabiding says:

      Hi Tara! Thank you so much, sweet friend, for sharing your thoughts here… I guess your free time would be in what they call the “fringe hours” of your day, early in the morning before the children wake up, or after they go to sleep in the evening… It’s pretty much that way I think for all moms, regardless of their situations. I take my hat off to you that you homeschool, even though you’re a single parent. That’s so amazing, and I’m sure comes with its sacrifices, too! I love that you’re pouring into your children in this way. They need you, and having you there so much is a priceless treasure to them, I have no doubt! Chocolate can definitely be put into the free time equation! 🙂 Love and hugs to you!! xoxo

  6. Amy says:

    My oh my! Steven’s photo’s make me want to come for a visit! Breathtaking!

  7. Karen says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. I have missed church quite a bit recently due to chronic illness. I really identified with the dilemma! Have found the same thing. Such a benefit to still my soul first before delving into a project.

    • womenabiding says:

      Dearest Karen, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell, beloved one… May the Lord strengthen you inwardly and outwardly as you endure these hardships. I so much appreciate you identifying with me… it helps! 🙂 Love and blessings xoxo

  8. I love your writing and what you say about taking time with the Lord is so true, I am glad that your heart sings again after your loss.
    Your friend is an awesome photographer I am sure the calendar is beautiful.


  9. The calendar is beautiful! Thank you for linking up with Literacy Musings Monday.

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